Do you need a 2-10 minute act for your event. Max Normal has a selection, from acts set to music to talking acts which involve the audience. All come with laughter.
Normal, but different.

Crystal Balls

Mesmerising, hypnotic, beautiful – some of the words used to describe Max Normal’s crystal ball routine. An unusual circus skill which draws the full attention of the public.


Might look like just another new circus act, but becomes far more in the hands of an eccentric like Max Normal. A comical and slightly sexy strip (non Chippendale) followed by the ridiculous climb-in ballooon.

Devil Stick

Another uncommon circus skill, but Max Normal’s speciality. Max Normal has been impressing and amazing people all over the world for twenty years with his devil stick routines. Probably the finest devil stick in scandinavia.


Ridiculous. How can one man and a coathanger fill a stage. Max Normal’s signature act – it has to be seen to be believed.


Hat juggling was very popular in the vaudeville days at the beginning of the 1900′s, but has become rarer nowadays, despite it’s popularity with the public. Max Normal flirts with both hat and audience with his modern take on an old skill.