Street theatre with Max Normal brings a new dimension to your festival or event. By the stage, on the street, in the square, suddenly the whole area can become a performance space.

A man arrives with a suitcase and manages to turn the street into a theatre. Suddenly a crowd appears and the street fills with the sound of laughter and applause.

This is Max Normal at his most eccentric. He has been performing street theatre all over the world since 1990 and is the complete professional. He brings new life to toothbrushes, teabags, rubber gloves and coathangers. You might even find him juggling a chainsaw or walking on a rope. The unexpected becomes ordinary with Max. You can find him on the street by looking for the crowd. He brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Street theatre can spread your festival from the stage to the people on the street. “Another Normal Day” will make people talk about their Total Festival Experience rather than just the bands. This act has quite a following.